流水庄园 Watercourse Boutique Hotel





上世纪的伟大建筑师路易斯·巴拉甘曾如此质疑现代人的生活空间,“广播、电视把新闻带进卧室,现代人生活在公共当中,如同一个开放的花园,它缺乏私密花园的魅力。开放的花园无益于身体和精神的放松,我们会疾驰而过,但不会停留驻足⋯⋯ 每天中的哪一刻现代人可以沉思并允许想象力做精神上的游弋?在这样的生活中,可能获得我们需要的宁静吗?”,生活空间之于个体,依旧是私密性得以达成最大化的自我盱视。





Watercourse Boutique Hotel

Location: Nan Kunshan, Guangzhou

Program: boutique hotel

Size: 3,000sqm

Completion: expected in 2018

Architect Luis Barragan from the last century believed that radios and televisions have brought news into our bedroom and turned our lives into a public garden where the charm of privacy is demolished. A public garden is where we do not stay as it doesnot help to relax our body or mood…is there a moment of a daythat modern people are allowed to mediate or free their imagination? Is there a chance that we can acquire the peacefulness in such life? It is the living spaceswhere the privacy of an individual can be maximized.

The Mansion is located in the Nankun Mountain (Nan Kunshan) of Guangdong, a forest park named as “the oasis along the Tropic of Cancer” and is officially protected by the government.A sense of reclusive peace is created in the site as it is surrounded by mountains. The architect introduced the characters of the environment into the interior to recall the long-gone living status of city dwellers. Therefore, the design takes clue from the climate and the environment and has brought in more possibility to the functions of spaces.

Atelier About Architecture pays close attention to the relationship between nature and architecture.Nature is not the inspiration of forms but laws we need to learn to set up the direction of architecture design. From a rational point of view, the architect researched the solar and wing climatology of the site, and designed a huge cantilevered roof eventually as sunshade. The direction and size of the openings and lighting were carefully calculated to realize maximum projection of the environment. Both the overall horizontal direction of the buildings and the manmade landscape in the interior are harmoniously merged into the natural surroundings. The horizontal architecture structure framed the views of mountains, making them part of the art in the house.

The architect set different stories to different areas of the space to avoid rigid design that hindering the needs of the users or reducing the meaning. From small groups of VIP visitors, enterprise workshops in large number of people toentrepreneurs’ gatherings, the architect envisioned a space that could allow different people to entertain, rest, dine and work. Even the roles of each type of users have been fully considered, for example different family members may differ regarding their expectation of the space.

Back to the concept of the essence of life, the structure of the interior is connected to the mountains and futile elements were removed as many as possible to avoid blocking of views. The tranquility of environment is created with simple spaces and landscapes in the interior as well as the unique nature outside. Furniture inherit the same simplicity and elegance to create delicate living atmosphere.